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About Chelsea:

Chelsea Follett is a Pastor and Speaker to both adults and children. With over 6 years experience in Children’s Ministry, she is passionate about families moving together to see their relationship with God come alive in their lives. Chelsea had the honour of being the keynote speaker to nearly 1000 people at Ignite Conference and has spoken in churches both in the city and rural areas, as well as regular ministry in her home church.

Areas of interest:

Hearing the voice of God:

Hearing the voice of God should not be something we have to wait until we’re an adult for. Chelsea loves teaching children to hear God’s voice from an early age and seeing kids come into full relationship with God, based on their own experiences and not just that of their parents.


Chelsea is passionate about seeing families grow in God together and equipping parents to train up their children in the things of the Spirit. She will help you identify areas you can grow in God together with your children and make spending time in God’s presence something you can do as a family.

Children with Special Needs:

During her time in Children’s Ministry she has developed a passion for children with special needs and in particular, children with autism. Alongside her team, she spent several years developing a children’s ministry that incorporates the varying needs of children with autism and other special needs, without just being a babysitting program. All children deserve to know and experience the wonder of our incredible God.

Children’s Ministry Team Training:

Chelsea is highly experienced in training children’s ministry workers in teaching kids to hear God’s voice and move in the things of the Spirit, as well as creating a special needs friendly children’s ministry.

Children’s Church Curriculum:

Chelsea’s Flagship curriculum, ‘Speak Now {I’m Listening}’, trains and equips children to hear and recognise the voice of God and the different ways He speaks to us. Following on from here we recommend taking your children’s church through ‘Hidden Secrets of the Tabernacle’ (coming soon!).

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