Can a child hear and understand the voice of God?

I’ve met many adults who have been Christians their whole lives who don’t know how to hear God’s voice. If they can’t do it, what makes us think a child can? Well, the short answer is, we are all designed to hear God, but for most people, it does take practice. Are kids included in this? Yes! John 10:27 says
my sheep listen to My voice.
If we (adult or child) are God’s sheep (His followers) then we should be able to hear Him. I’ve heard many people say that children aren’t mature enough to understand what God is saying. But the bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, so if He could speak to Samuel (1 Samuel 3:11), He can speak to kids today. As for whether they can understand Him? Well, we see over and over in the gospels where Jesus spoke to people (adults in fact) in parables. He brought the conversation to a level that the people could understand. Essentially, he dumbed it down. Wasn’t that kind of Him?! If He would be so kind as to do that for adults, don’t you think He would do that for children too? I have no issue in believing that the God who created these children, who knows their innermost thoughts, knows how to communicate with them in a way THEY will understand. The biggest problem I believe children face when it comes to hearing God’s voice is the adults around them. So often we write it off with a comment like “oh that’s so cute” when, to be honest, there’s nothing “cute” about it; this is POWERFUL stuff, not cute. It should be encouraged and explored, not shut down. Will they get it wrong sometimes? Most likely. But create a safe place for them to practice, and like anything else, they will get better and better at it. Their relationship with Christ will become something real, not just the ability to regurgitate the bible stories told to them week after week in Sunday School, but the ability to read the LIVING word of God, and know how it relates to them because God is speaking to them through it. The ability to take their every decision to God and know how He feels about it, the ability recognise when God is tugging at their spirit to pray for someone or reach out and be Jesus to someone who needs it. Imagine a generation like this! Imagine the next generation of leaders being people who know how to hear God, and know what to do when He speaks to them! If you would like to teach your kids or children’s ministry to hear God’s voice, purchase our Speak Now (I’m Listening) Curriculum. This 8 week series will teach them the ways God speaks, how to tune in to His voice, how to know it’s God speaking and what to do when He speaks.